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What do you charge for submitting my self assessment tax return ?

Warburton and Co charges £139 for self assessment tax return for self employed deliveroo drivers including Bolt, Ola taxi drivers and  Uber eats riders and drivers. 

Are Deliveroo Drivers classed as Self Employed in the UK ?

For Deliveroo in the UK you are classed by the UK government as being self employed and have to register for Self Assessment in the UK before the 5th of October.

What Expenses can I claim as a deliveroo rider in the UK?

Expenses you can claim  :

1. Cost of car or Mileage 

2. Accessories for car

3  Car wash & Fuel

4. Insurance

5. Loan Interest

6. Business use of phone and contract

7. AA cover

8. training

9. Professional fee

Do I pay tax in the UK when I work for Deliveroo ?

If you earn upto the personal allowance for 22/23 of £12570 you will pay no tax but you will pay class 4 national insurance of £64.41 and Class 2 national Insurance of £163.80.

Do I have to register in the UK with HMRC if I am a deliveroo rider ? 

If you are a Deliveroo rider  then you are required to register for Self assessment if you earn over £1000 in the year by the 5th October and submit a self assessment tax return for deliveroo earnings.

Should you use digital software for a deliveroo business in the UK?

I recommend using spreadsheets and I would not force you to use expensive digital software.

Does Deliveroo report earnings to HMRC?

If Deliveroo  are asked about an individual by HMRC they will report to them their earnings.

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