UPDATE - Due to the Corona Virus HMRC have cancelled IR 35 private sector reforms until April 2021



Effected  by recent changes to IR35 from April 2021 ?

If so you will take home less pay.   They are several benefits to keep your LTD company.

Some of the advantages to keep your Ltd Company Inside IR35  : 

1. Your personal liability is limited if things go wrong.

2. You can still accept contracts outside IR35

3 Use it for Future contracts outside of IR35 if you use an Umbrella company  you will be worse off 

4. Operating as a Ltd company even Inside IR35 has  better pension  planning benefits.

How can we help you?

1. We can process your IR35 software using are special IR35 payroll software and make sure you are  not paying more tax than you should.


2. Manage your expenses


3. If your registered for VAT submit your VAT returns 

4. Agree  your accounts etc